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and make out instead..

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So I’ve been listening to a lot of mix tapes recently but with mixtapes one doesnt  really think about each individual track - I mean I forget that there even are different tracks, its just one stream of rainbows, bass and general sexy noise.
However, I was listening to a mix this morning and this BELTER OF A SONG came on and I HAD TO FIND IT. 

So, since no one seems to put the frickin’ times of the playlist, I had to more or less search the 2hour tape until I found it and here it is. 

Detroit Swindle are from Holland and they are mighty cool. The track I was looking for comes from there most recent EP called guess what… ‘Guess What’. However they seem to be constantly up to dirt madness. 
I’m very pleased I found them and you should be too. 


Here kitty kitty.
All mine yum 
Sad day. 

(by Helen Rushbrook)
My beautiful sister in India. 
Courtesy of Harshal’s Photography